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A Mindful Guide to Eco-Friendly Travel Gear


1. Mindful Research

Jason meticulously searches the web for products made by socially-conscious and Earth-friendly companies who are conscious of their manufacturing practices and humanitarian efforts.

2. Mindful Shopping

Explore the Junket Shop for useful, eco-friendly travel gear. "Spend It Forward" with peace of mind, knowing the company you're buying from strives for a positive impact on our shared home, planet Earth.

3. Mindful Checkout

Head to the shopping cart and mindfully "checkout" (pun intended). Your selected Junket Shop items will be added automatically to your Amazon cart for safe and secure billing, fulfillment, and shipping.

The Junket Store is proud to be an Amazon Affiliate store.
Beta Notice: Please be patient, more products and companies coming soon.

Socially-Conscious & Earth-Friendly Companies

The Junket Store highlights socially-conscious, Earth-friendly producers of eco-friendly travel gear and accessories.

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